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OPINION new car sales

'Small, inexpensive cars rule the road in the UK'

18 Jan, 2020

The 2019 new car sales figures have shown that value for money is top priority for new buyers, says Mike Rutherford

OPINION driverless cars

'Self-driving cars are on the back burner ¨C for now'

15 Jan, 2020

Driverless cars were hotly tipped to be the future of motoring but now John Mcllroy believes they have been put on the back burner

OPINION Foreign Traffic

'The rest of the world is better at handling transport and motoring than us'

12 Jan, 2020

The rest of the world is far greater at dealing with cars and transportation than the UK, says Mike Rutherford

OPINION Driver Power

'This is your chance to shape the cars of the 2020s'

10 Jan, 2020

Our Driver Power survey is your best opportunity to shape the new cars of the next decade, says Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler

OPINION EV_Grant_Slash

¡®Post-EU Britain can become a truly great capital for electric cars¡¯

4 Jan, 2020

Britian has the chance to turn into one of the truly great capitals of the world for electric cars, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion - car salesman

¡®This could be your last chance to buy the car you want¡¯

3 Jan, 2020

Thanks to manufacturers registering cars like crazy at the end of 2019, now could be the perfect time to buy a new car

Opinion - Volkswagen Golf

¡°Are manufacturers offering unmissable New Year deals? Nope¡±

29 Dec, 2019

With new car sales on the decline in the UK, Mike Rutherford wonders if manufacturers could be doing more

Opinion - Toyota GR Yaris

¡°Toyota brings motorsport back to the showroom¡±

24 Dec, 2019

With a lack of baby hot hatchbacks on the market, deputy editor John McIlroy can't wait for the Toyota GR Yaris to arrive

Opinion - diesel

¡°Some local authorities remain addicted to running their fleets on diesel¡±

15 Dec, 2019

Mike Rutherford thinks some local councils can class themselves among Britain¡¯s most active hypocrites

Opinion - Tesla Cybertruck

¡°Here¡¯s to a new decade of enormous change¡±

11 Dec, 2019

The automotive world has changed massively over the last 10 years, but editor-in-chief Steve Fowler thinks the future is exciting